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Gift Giving Rent Receiving

3 December 2020

Gift Giving Rent Receiving

On average the UK public spend £382 on Christmas presents, this is almost equal to two weeks’ rent (£387) in England and Wales, excluding London.

Housing market adds to the Economy

30 November 2020

Housing Market Adds To The Economy

For every residential property resale, an average of £9,559 is added to the UK economy. That is an estimated £6bn added to the UK economy so far this year. On average £5,400 is...

14% Increase in demand since the start of Lockdown 2

30 November 2020

14% Increase In Demand Since The Start Of Lockdown 2

The Dataloft Demand Index shows a +14% increase in housing market demand since the start of Lockdown 2. More time at home means more time spent browsing properties. Demand dropped from 5th...

First-Time Buyers are Being Locked Out of the Property Market –  Rents Have Fallen by 3.6%

23 November 2020

First-Time Buyers Are Being Locked Out Of The Property Market – Rents Have Fallen By 3.6%

With the banks reducing the number of low deposit mortgages ( i.e. deposit of 10% and below ) since Covid-19 hit in the spring, this has meant that the number of first-time buyers has...

Vulnerable Job Sectors

23 November 2020

Vulnerable Job Sectors

Unemployment rose to 4.8% in Q3, with a large proportion of job losses in leisure, retail and travel. Analysis of Dataloft’s tenant demographic dataset (DRMA) found almost a quarter of...

First time buyer mortages

19 November 2020

First Time Buyer Mortages

The average mortgage for a first-time buyer across the UK is just shy of £194,000, as FTB numbers fell 29% in the first half of 2020 versus 2019. The average deposit for a FTB is now...

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