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Homebuyers willing to pay more for smart homes

21 March 2022

Homebuyers Willing To Pay More For Smart Homes

Smartphones and tablets have been a part of most of our lives for well over a decade — but how smart is your home? Over the past two years, many of us have spent more time in our houses...

Could your rental property deliver a higher yield in 2022?

21 March 2022

Could Your Rental Property Deliver A Higher Yield In 2022?

According to recent data, the combination of high tenant demand and low numbers of available properties has caused average UK rents to rise at the fastest rate ever recorded. *   Rental...

World Sleep Day: How to Get a Good Night’s Slumber

18 March 2022

World Sleep Day: How To Get A Good Night’S Slumber

Today is World Sleep Day so let’s look at why a good night’s kip is so important. (A three-minute read.)   The pandemic has impacted almost every area of our lives,...

Things to Consider If You’re Selling Your Home Due to Financial Reasons

16 March 2022

Things To Consider If You’Re Selling Your Home Due To Financial Reasons

If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, you may be considering selling your home. This is a very challenging decision and needs to be given some serious thought.   In this...

The Rental Trend That Could Be Good News for Savvy Landlords

14 March 2022

The Rental Trend That Could Be Good News For Savvy Landlords

We explore what the rising rate of older renters means for  Ruislip  landlords. A two-minute read.    Landlords looking to secure reliable, long-term tenants...

 Does your rental property hit the energy performance mark?

10 March 2022

Does Your Rental Property Hit The Energy Performance Mark?

Government targets state that by the end of 2025 new lets will require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of band C or above. Just over half (51%) of all rental properties let out...

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