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13 September 2019

Back To School (Uniforms)

£3,485 is the estimated average cost of school uniforms for a child over the course or their school life (Reception to Year 11). The cost is equivalent to 4.31 months’ of a mortgage...


13 September 2019

Tackling The Housing Crisis

It has been suggested that low mortgage rates and not a shortage of supply, are behind the huge rise in house prices since the 1990s. Record low interest rates for more than a decade made...


13 September 2019

Uptick In Mortgage Lending

In June, there were just under 70,000 new mortgage approvals according to UK Finance, which is 5% higher than the level reported in May. Loans to first-time buyers (comprising 47% of approvals)...

Clever storage ideas for kids' toys

28 August 2019

Clever Storage Ideas For Kids' Toys

Well, where on earth did those six weeks go?  You might be feeling relieved that it's very nearly back to school time, you might be feeling sad, or maybe it's a bit of both! One job which...

Our top tips for designing a home office

19 August 2019

Our Top Tips For Designing A Home Office

With businesses offering a greater level of autonomy and flexibility to their workers than ever before, as well as millions who are registered as self-employed, many of us will have office spaces...

The five key reasons people select a location for their home

19 August 2019

The Five Key Reasons People Select A Location For Their Home

1. Safety First Whether you’re staying put or moving home, crime will always remain a key concern for the majority of us and with 84% of respondents to the Broadband Choices poll...

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