Decorating Your Dining Room - Our Top Tips

Posted on: 17 September 2019

Decorating your dining room - our top tips

Your dining room serves a very defined purpose in your home; it is the space where your family has their meals and gets the sustenance that they need to go about their day. In such an important space, take the time to put together a cohesively designed room that maximises the space and provides you with flexibility.

The Table
What is a dining room without a table? When it comes to this space, the table is king and therefore make sure that you take your time to decide what kind will suit your needs best. Consider the number of people in your household, the age of the people in your household and what else the table is used for. If you have a household with young children, for example, is a glass table really appropriate to your needs? When it comes to material, there are plenty of options from the traditional wood, to glass and the more contemporary materials such as concrete.

The Space
How do you use your dining room? If the space is used mainly for entertaining purposes then you can tailor it to your needs to create a more adult, sophisticated feel. Utilise dark wood materials and heavy fabrics, such as velvet, in order to create a demure venue perfect for a well-versed host. If your dining room is used on a day-to-day basis for more than just eating – i.e. a social space or homework hub – then use more versatile coverings on your chairs which can be popped into the washing machine. Painting the walls may be a good option if you’re looking for a long-lasting decorating option, especially with the wipe-clean variants on the market. If your dining room is large enough, then utilise the space by incorporating a sideboard to provide extra storage space.

The Lighting
Lighting in your dining room should be a key concern, as this will largely dictate what you can use the room for. Having a light source above your table makes the most sense, whether that be spotlights which can be dimmed or brightened, depending on the occasion, or something a touch grander. Around the room, think about adding lamps in order to change the ambience.

The Decoration
The decoration in your dining room will no doubt need to be hardwearing in order to deal with the daily wear-and-tear of mealtimes, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be completely utilitarian in the design. Embrace the outdoors by choosing some plants to place around the room; placing a selection of houseplants at different heights will create lots of interest and create a natural feel to the space. If you’re looking to add a touch of personality to your room, then use a neutral palette on the walls and flooring, and then accent this with pops of colour or texture by using accessories. A feature piece of furniture is also a great way to ignite some interest in your room; think about armchairs in prime colours or bold prints on lampshades to give your room some flair.


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