Creating A Favourite Space In Your Home

Posted on: 3 May 2019

Creating a favourite space in your home

Whether you like open plan spaces and white walls, rich colour and velvet upholstery, bookshelves filled with rows of novels to dip in and out of whilst lounging across sumptuous cushions, or a combination of all of the above, creating a home which not only works for you practically, but really works for you in terms of being a space to enjoy is important.

A lot of blog posts looking at interior design focus on whole properties, but even the thought of decorating or furnishing a whole room can feel a bit expensive and daunting, and that’s why in this post we’re looking at the humble corner!

Choosing a space

First of all, you need a favourite space. The chances are, you’ve already got one without having ever really thought about it. If your favourite part of your home doesn’t come to you straight away, have a think about how you use the space available to you.  Think about these situations:

Do you lean against the back doorframe, cup of tea in hand, watching the birds hop about in the 10 minutes of calm before the rest of your family wake up?

Do you love sitting on the stairs for long phone conversations with loved ones, looking at the patterns created by light between the bannisters?

Do you spend hours at the dining room table whizzing up creations on your sewing machine, or creating intricate replica models?

Do you like lying sprawling across the sofa reading the newspaper of a weekend?

Do you relish in replicating the latest Nigella recipes in your own kitchen?


Decorating your home

Whilst the word ‘decorating’ might bring you out in cold sweats, it doesn’t have to mean a team of people in overalls splashing a fashionable paint colour around which could look dated in 18 months-time, unless you really want it to, of course.  By considering how you best enjoy using your home, you’ll likely come up with a couple of favourite ‘corners’ that you could develop a bit to make them even more special.


Whether it’s the addition of a lamp, a light shade which casts a softer light over the room, or blinds or curtains which allow extra light in, go back to considering how you’re using the space and what you might benefit from. For example, model making benefits from lots of natural light, whereas if you’re developing a cosy nook for hiding away to read you might like a softer light with a spotlight lamp focussed on where your book is.

Soft Furnishings

Changing soft furnishings are a great way to add colour to any room. This is one of the best ways to add your stamp if you’re renting your home. Would a rug add colour and warmth to the bottom of the stairs that you sit on when you’re on the phone? Would a woven wall hanging add a splash of colour and a stamp of your personality next to the doorframe you lean against? Would oversized cushions on the floor create an ideal spot to work from home in comfort?


The great thing about furniture is that gorgeous pieces don’t have to be expensive. A decorative side table from a vintage second-hand shop with a well-placed pot plant can really change a space. Once again, choosing pieces which fit the way you use your home is as important as having something you like looking at. Do you need a chest of drawers on your landing to give extra storage? A shelf to keep your favourite books apart from the rest? A table that folds down small to give you more space to practice yoga? Considering this kind of thing can really change how you use and feel about your home. 


Another way of adding colour and personality is with the addition of artwork. If you’re creative, it could be a canvas you paint yourself, some framed artwork from your children or grandchildren, a print of your favourite famous painting. If you’re in rented accommodation and don’t have permission to hang things up, why not go for oversized artwork and lean it up against the wall?


Whilst you should always try to keep these to a minimum, which we know is hard if you have a house full of children or animals, but one thing a home can always do with is a beautiful candle.  Candlelight is soft and relaxing if you choose wisely you can fill your home with a beautiful aroma and instantly feel better.


Everyone should have at least a small corner of their home they love, that makes them feel happy in and that they feel they can retreat to when they close the door at the end of the day.

“Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.


So now it is time to search for your perfect home!  CLICK HERE


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