Benefits Of Selling Your Home In Winter

Posted on: 6 January 2019

Benefits of selling your home in Winter

You might think that Winter isn’t a great time to put your house on the market, but you couldn’t be more wrong! This week’s blog takes a look at the reasons why you should consider putting your house up for sale during the Winter Months.

Christmas and New Year out the way – One reason that stops people moving in the winter is the fact that they want to be settled in a property for the holidays. Now Christmas and New Year are out the way, you don’t have that factor looming over you. You’ve got a full 11/12 months to not worry about family sleeping arrangements and if everyone will be able to fit round the table!

New start – The New Year is great time to make a fresh start whether it’s a personal routine, work related or in this case, a new home! This mindset is shared by lots of buyers so there will be interest in your property.

Dedicated buyers – If someone’s still interested in viewing a property when the weather isn’t great then they’re not going to be doing it for just a trip out. Make the most out of serious buyers looking for their new homes.

Less competition – Other sellers may shy away from the market during the Winter months but that shouldn’t stop you! There loss is your gain, benefit from supply and demand. The fewer properties on the market, the better it is for those who are actively selling.

Enjoy the Summer ahead – Get all the hard work of moving done whilst the weather isn’t great and you’ll be able to enjoy the summer ahead in your new home, stress free. Make the most of those rainy days packing up your belongings ready to enjoy in the sun.

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