Property Valuation



Life of a Middle Man by Oliver Rooney

“A person whose job is to arrange the sale, renting or management of homes, land and buildings for the owner” . That is how the Cambridge dictionary describes an Estate Agent. If you were to break our job down into its most basic form this is what we do. However what the Dictionary...

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One of my best moments in estate agency by Oliver Rooney

A day in the life of being an estate agent can be filled with many ups and downs. More often than not they are ups sprinkled with a few downs. One of my best moments in this job happened this year. A wonderful couple named Mark and Julia had called me out a while go to sell their property in...

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Top Five Songs To Move House To - Oliver Rooney

So the day finally comes. You have viewed nearly every house in the area. You have borrowed every penny possible from Mum and Dad. You have refrained from swearing at your solicitor for the last three months and you finally exchange contracts on your dream home. The boxes are packed and the...

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