The Five Key Reasons People Select A Location For Their Home

Posted on: 19 August 2019

The five key reasons people select a location for their home

1. Safety First

Whether you’re staying put or moving home, crime will always remain a key concern for the majority of us and with 84% of respondents to the Broadband Choices poll listing crime as a crucial factor this still rings true. Knowing that your home and possessions are in an area with low crime rates is obviously very attractive, with low crime rates correlating to strong house prices and the converse also true.

2. Commuting Commotion

Getting to and from work, as well as freely being able to see friends and family, is of course extremely important when deciding where we would like to live. Amongst correspondents, nearly three-quarters mentioned transport links as one of their decision points for a location to live within. Living within close proximity to a tube station, for example, can add £42,000 to the price of a home, according to research from Nationwide.

3. A Quality Connection

Unsurprisingly in these modern times, a strong internet connection which will allow broadband and television streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime stands at third in the list of buyer priorities when searching for a new home. With 69% of people mentioning a strong internet connection in the poll, many of whom stating that they would pay over-the-odds for a property with a guaranteed superfast broadband connection, it would seem that for home-sellers updating your broadband could actually help in the process of finding a buyer.

4. Top Of The Class

For those with families, schools are an extremely important consideration; with catchment areas and the competition around catchments for the best schools being an important factor for both families, and those planning on families in the long term. Just over half of correspondents listed schools as a deliberation in their home buying decision, with recent studies showing that homes in catchments for schools with Ofsted ratings of 1 can cost almost £40,000 more than those with Ofsted rating 2.

5. Shop Local

As well as transport links ranking highly in the list of priorities for buyers, local shops and amenities also place highly with just over a third of people stating that living close to shops and amenities is a significant factor in their property search.


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