Property Viewing Turn-Offs

Posted on: 19 September 2019


Today we reveal the biggest turn-offs for viewers according to Sell House Fast who surveyed 1,266 people who have been to several viewings over the last year.

1. Cracks, marks and stains leave the biggest negative impression on prospective buyers during a viewing, with a 76% turn-off rate. 


2. 71% of prospective buyers said they would be dissatisfied by bathroom fixtures not functioning.

3. 66% are unhappy when they see exposed wires or trailing extension leads.

Other factors leaving a negative impact on viewers include extensive mould, broken or missing handles, damaged kitchen cabinets and stained and torn carpets.

So what can sellers do?


Along with 73% of our fellow estate agents, we suggest the following:

1. Thoroughly clean your property including your household appliances ahead of viewings.

2. Fix all of those little jobs you've been putting off.  Change broken lights (including your front porch light), remove unnecessary extension leads.  Get new knobs for your kitchen units if they are old, missing or broken.  Make sure the hinges are not hanging making the doors fall down.

3. Give all of your taps, chrome fittings and showerheads a good de-limescale and make sure they are gleaming.

4. Dust the light fittings, the corners of the rooms and your front door step.

5. Make the garden as presentable as possible, including the front, clear the leaves and think about your first impression.


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