Clever Storage Ideas For Kids' Toys

Posted on: 28 August 2019

Clever storage ideas for kids' toys

Well, where on earth did those six weeks go? 

You might be feeling relieved that it's very nearly back to school time, you might be feeling sad, or maybe it's a bit of both! One job which is a good one for after the kids go back to school is a mammoth toy sort. Firstly, they're out of the way and unlikely to miss anything they haven't played with for a while if they aren't watching you put it in the box marked 'charity shop', but also it gives you the opportunity to spend a bit of time getting suitable toy storage in place so you'll also be all organised and ready for an influx of new toys and games at Christmas! 

With this in mind, here are a few storage solutions for children's toys which might be great in your home. 

Book Display

Do you often find your kids have pulled loads of their books off the shelves to find their favourite, only for a poor unsuspecting parent left to discover them all over the floor by slipping on them? A book display is a great option so that your children can see the front covers of all of their books, and can choose the one they want without laying an accidental trap for you. This one from Wayfair is only £29.99.

Basket Storage

Having open toy storage makes it brilliantly easy to find that sandwich you're convinced your little one has tucked away somewhere... this four-tier one from Argos at £31.49 has lovely colours and is very versatile, it will continue to suit your kids as both they and their toy collections grow! 

Storage Bench

If you want to combine toy storage with interior design and other functionality, this bench from Great Little Trading Co. could be the solution for you. It's £202, but a great investment as not only can you store toys, your little ones could have their own place to put on their shoes - that might make leaving the house easier in the mornings! 

LEGO Brick Store

Have you ever experienced the pain of landing bare-foot on a well-concealed lego brick? Well, worry no more! Putting the fun into functional, these giant LEGO storage boxes can keep the bricks contained, whilst brightening up the room. Not only are they brilliant, they cost under £20 as well from A Place for Everything. 


These are just a few ideas, but do you have any clever toy storage tips of your own? Please get in touch and let us know if you do, we'd love to hear them! 


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